In the south of the Republic of Moldova, in the Bugeac steppe, along the Lunguta river, in 46 parallel, among low and picturesque hills, is located village Tomai, region of Ceadir-Lunga, autonomous region of Gagauzia.

By the end of the 19th century, after the next Russian-Turkish war, the place of the departed Nogais, to the village, from the Danube, come and settle the Gagauzian people - a small Turkic people who, through trials and time, had faith in God, preserved the language of their ancestors who overcame area from Altai to the Balkans. The life structure of new settlers also did not change, they, as before, were engaged in cattle breeding, agriculture and plant growing.

Wine growers and winemakers of the village Tomai produced traditional for that region grapes and wines, which became widely known and beyond.

From the surviving archival information, it is known that in 1903 in the village Tomai the local landowner and winemaker Georghe Topcu with his fellow villagers created a winery and laid the cellars for storing wine at the place of the present winery.


Through half a century after its founding, a small home winery turned into a large winery, which had a complete cycle of winemaking - from growing seedlings, to producing wines and grape juices.

To achieve the settled goals, in the village Tomai, in 1997 on the basis of the former Soviet economy , for the cultivation of grapes and wine production, was established the joint stock company "TOMAI-VINEX, which became the legal successor of the wine industry of the village.

The new enterprise, having preserved the experienced staff of wine growers and winemakers, underwent a full technical and technological modernization dictated by the time, new Italian-made winemaking equipment was purchased, the wine and grafting workshops for the production of grape seedlings were restored and new grape plantations began to be laid.

joint-stock company

A closed cycle of production, as well as complete automation of the growing process of grapes, constant monitoring, favorable climatic conditions, fertile soil and warm sun of the south allow the company to process up to 10,000 tons of grapes.

up to 10 000
tons of grapes

Innovations immediately gave positive results, today the company produces up to 3 000 000 litres of high quality wine. The wines produced by the enterprise are in great demand and are constantly recognized as prizewinners of annual republican and international exhibitions, as evidenced by the large number of medals.

up to 3 000 000
dal of wine

For incomplete twenty years, the geography of export of wine products of  "TOMAI-VINEX" has covered the markets of more than 20 countries of the world, from China and America, to Africa and Europe. And, behold, now, looking back a hundred years ago, seeing how a small winery turned into a modern enterprise, I want to say a toast to the inviolability of traditions.

more than 20
countries of the world